Additions that don't subtract from your homes character

Historically Accurate Brick Additions

Many elements come together to make a heritage addition look period correct. Many of which, cannot be individually picked out by a passer by, but as a whole the feeling the house creates is one of awkwardness. Combining years of restoration experience and applying it to bricking our additions makes a seamless transition. One of the differentiating factors is the bond and gauge. Using cad modelling we will generate a bond and gauge which will work with your window heights, window sizes, sill sizes to match your original home perfectly.

Historic Addition Services

We have a myriad of skills and services that come together to build a beautiful historic brick addition, or new build. From heritage bricklaying to designing correct load bearing arches. It often surprises visitors when they find out that the addition isn't an original part of the home.

Bricklaying, although simple in principle and more of a modern sense can become quite complex when trying to replicate a historic structure. Our masons are proficient on laying on a fine gauge. This means very thing joints. It requires masons to be very proficient laying very consistently, as well as knowing where to hide the inconsistencies in heritage reclaimed or reproduction brick. All of our work is matched lime mortar and finished with period correct tooling.

Windows are the eyes of a building and have huge impact on the overall aesthetics. Arches and even sills are right along side this, in positioning and impact value. We have designed and installed countless true load bearing arches over the years, requiring no steel lintels. These arches accentuate the windows and facade. Instead of trying to hide the steel angle with aluminum flashing you can install beautiful reproduction windows with wooden brick mouldings.

The final piece of our additions is the the tinting. The house below is half original and half addition. About built over 100 years apart. During this 100 years the specific environment both brick had to endure was vastly different. This difference becomes obvious when you start building a matching addition. The new (reclaimed) brick was far too orange and the quoin bricks were extremely yellow. We were able to add a patina to the old brick and tone down the saturation of the quoin providing a nearly seamless appearance.

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