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Historic foundation WATERproofing

To waterproof a foundation from the exterior, or outside is quite an extensive job. It must be done right, and it must be done right the first time. Everything is amplified when its on a historic home. Water must be better controlled, foundations must be patched with the correct mortar and a system that is symbiotic with the heritage structure must be installed. If not brick spalling can occur above grade and foundation deterioration can occur below grade. Our experience masons and ticketed heavy trained operators know not only how to waterproof your foundation correctly but assess your historic foundation and repair it effectively and economically.

Foundation waterproofing services

With a deep knowledge of historic stone foundations and complementary waterproofing systems, Historic Brick Company can safely and correctly waterproof your foundation. Trust the experts at Historic Brick with your foundation repair. Don't wait for your waterproofing contractor to schedule a mason to preform repairs when your foundation already exposed, see our related foundation repair services below.

After standing up to it for a century bacterial processes and acidity of rain can wreak havoc on foundations. This combined with improper drainage or damaged weeper systems can cause the sever deterioration of lime mortar on the building. Slowly water can work its way into the wall breaking down the lime mortar and allowing soil to migrate into the joints of the stonework. This maintains the foundation in a state of continuous saturation. We have been able to consolidate many rubble foundations by breaking out the deteriorated mortar and often soil then repointing with an appropriate mix of lime mortar.

One of the most powerful forces your house will come to deal with is frost. Ice can generate over 30,000psi, there’s not much that’s going to stop it. Especially vulnerable are stone basement walkouts. The walkout below grade allows frost to occur at a much lower level. This combined with fieldstone’s natural lack of cohesive bonding ¬†creates a perfect environment for foundation damage. It was decided best to replace the fieldstone walkout and foundation wall poured concrete block.

Our same skill of replacing brick is applied to our stone repairs. Individual damaged units are removed, a new matching stone is cut to size with a carbide chisel and carefully installed in the space, after repointing the repair is indistinguishable from original, and the full structural integrity of the wall is returned.

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