Experienced in rebuilding severely deteriorated historic buildings

Historic Demolition and rebuilding

Following a multitude of paths including maintenance neglect, construction accidents or suboptimal environment can lead to a structural rebuild being necessary. We can offer you encompassing service including demolition, disposal, and rebuilding of large portions or complete historic structures.

Historic Rebuilding Services

Historic Brick Company has the infrastructure and manpower and network necessary to plan and complete complex historic rebuild projects. From consulting to plan of action, to engineering to project execution we are your full service solution.

Most structural problems with occur at the extremities, corners, the foundation and the parapets. Foundation stabilization and waterproofing is often an essential aspect of the remediation process. Ensuring a strong foundation is a step to prevent future movement and the longevity of a rebuild.

Sometimes structural issues are caused by a singular action, in this case the vestibule was undermined below the footing and began to fall away from the structure. In a case like this, quick stabilization is essential. To prevent injury, further deterioration and allow ability to dismantle and save building components for rebuilding.

Many residential historic structures have foundations that are retained with what basically amounts to petrified dirt. Often insurance companies will require a concrete bench wall to be installed. One must understand that sometimes foundation are build using a method of cutting a trench into the earth and dropping rock and lime to create a foundation wall. Inevitably this can cause stones to exert lateral pressure inward or outward instead of a downward point load.

The benefit of a rebuild is the possibility to update some details that otherwise could not be preformed or would be cost prohibitive. Damp proof coursing can be installed, waterproof membranes, even insulation can be installed during the rebuild.

Bricklaying, although simple in principle and more of a modern sense can become quite complex when trying to replicate a historic structure. Our masons are proficient on laying on a fine gauge. This means very thing joints. It requires masons to be very proficient laying very consistently, as well as knowing where to hide the inconsistencies in heritage reclaimed or reproduction brick. All of our work is matched lime mortar and finished with period correct tooling.

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