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Interior Masonry Exposure and Veneer Installation

Many home and building owners have the possibility of unveiling beautiful structural interior brick. Once the plaster is removed, walls are cleaned and repaired they are washed and sealed with providing a finish that will last a lifetime. We also install heritage brick veneer cut from reclaimed brick and imported from England, making this finish possible for even new homes.

Interior Masonry Services

Brick is both an aesthetic and a structural component of historic buildings. Exposing, repairing and sealing it properly will leave you with a beautiful, durable finish.

The historic brick veneer we use on interiors is indistinguishable once installed. Reclaimed from the demolition of century buildings in England, then cut to 1″ has the exact same surface finish as revealed original brick. Carefully choosing our technique which has been honed after many installs, we can duplicate the joint that would be left on original brick after plaster is removed and walls are scraped, cleaned and sealed.

When exposing interior masonry the first step is, to cordon off the area. Removing plaster is messy business. However, with an refined process and the right tools we can minimize the dust, and complete the job quickly, leaving the area cleaner than when we started. The next step is to repair minor voids in the mortar and any severely deteriorated bricks. After the repairs are completed a gentle wash is preformed, and the brick is sealed.

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