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Historic foundation rebuilding and fortification

Stone foundations require an extensive knowledge of structure and historic building techniques to properly repair. There are a plethora of characteristics that must work together to retain structure over the years. With an encompassing knowledge of heritage construction styles, which change depending on area or age we can design the correct solution. Trust the experts at historic brick for all of your foundation rebuilding needs.

Foundation Rebuilding Services

With a deep knowledge of historic stone foundations, a large inventory of reclaimed stone Historic Brick Company can safely and correctly rebuild your foundation to a better than new state.

When a portion of foundation such as a buttress is supporting a high load, the condition is taken into account, whether settling has occurred, the state of deterioration and whether a repair can be safely preformed. This buttress foundation was fortified with a much wider, thicker footing and disperse the weight and retain the deteriorating stone.

One of the most powerful forces your house will come to deal with is frost. Ice can generate over 30,000psi, there’s not much that’s going to stop it. Especially vulnerable are stone basement walkouts. The walkout below grade allows frost to occur at a much lower level. This combined with fieldstone’s natural lack of cohesive bonding ¬†creates a perfect environment for foundation damage. It was decided best to replace the fieldstone walkout and foundation wall poured concrete block.

Our same skill of replacing brick is applied to our stone repairs. Individual damaged units are removed, a new matching stone is cut to size with a carbide chisel and carefully installed in the space, after repointing the repair is indistinguishable from original, and the full structural integrity of the wall is returned.

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